Higher Education Teachers and Institutions


Instructional Technology

What is HIIT?

The primary goal of HIIT is to equip Higher Education STEM teachers with the self-efficacy, competencies, and skills needed to understand the Instructional Technology principles and structures, leverage them rapidly to reduce the impact of closure and preserve the inclusive nature of learning opportunities. The HIIT framework enables Higher Education STEM teachers to understand how to use learning technologies and digital tools in subject-specific teaching and learning in a systematic way. It will improve readiness for digital education, help them apply the principles of instructional technology horizontally throughout their teaching, and choose the right technology or tool for the proper context to achieve their learning goals.

Expected Results of HIIT: Curriculum and Syllabus defining the learning context; learning objectives contents and curriculum and skills assessment method. Complete set of learning content & materials with related skills assesment method. E-learning space with integrated content and assessment method.