• Identify the learning objectives: Identify the STEM class’s specific objectives. What concepts do you want your students to understand? What abilities do you want them to acquire? How can Wakelet assist in achieving these goals?
  • Identify the content to curate: Once you’ve determined the learning objectives, you can narrow down the content you want to curate in Wakelet. This could include articles, videos, images, and other multimedia resources related to the class’s topic.
  • Make a Wakelet: Sign up through the website. Create account. You can do this by going to your dashboard and clicking the “Create New Wakelet” button, then giving your Wakelet name and description. To organize your identified content, make a Wakelet. You can manually add resources to Wakelet or use Wakelet’s browser extension. You can also personalize the Wakelet by uploading a cover image and writing a description.
  • Share the Wakelet with your students: After you’ve added resources to your Wakelet, you can distribute it to your students.
  • Make a plan for collaboration: Think about how you want your students to collaborate with Wakelet. You may want students to contribute their resources to the Wakelet, comment on each other’s work, or provide feedback.
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