Preparation, before the session

  • Determine the subject: Decide what topic you want to cover in your Hyperdoc.
  • Choose the following resources: Choose which resources you want to include in your Hyperdoc. Websites, videos, articles, interactive activities, and other digital content that will assist students in exploring the topic may be included.
  • Organise the content: Arrange the content in a logical and simple structure. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to make the Hyperdoc visually appealing and easy to navigate.
  • Create guiding questions or prompts: Create guiding questions or prompts to assist students in remaining focused and on task. These can be scattered throughout the Hyperdoc to keep students interested and to provide direction.
  • Add interactive elements: To make your Hyperdoc more engaging and interactive, include interactive elements. Quizzes, polls, and other interactive activities that students can complete as they work through the Hyperdoc may be included.
  • Distribute the Hyperdoc to students: Distribute the Hyperdoc to your students via your Learning Management System (LMS) or another platform. Make sure to give students clear instructions and expectations about how to use the Hyperdoc.

During the session

  • The teacher will inform the students that they will complete a HyperDoc activity today and learn how to evaluate websites in a group activity.
  • Explain that they will use the linked resources to research how to evaluate a website and record their findings in the HyperDoc.
  • Explain that the Engage section should be discussed as a group and that one person should keep track of the findings while others begin the research. Others, meanwhile, begin the Explore and Explain sections. Once finished, complete the Apply section as a group. It should be noted that the sections Reflect, Share, and Extend may be omitted to meet time constraints.
  • Make groups: Each group should have a group leader. Request that this person obtain a copy of the HyperDoc and distribute it to the other group members. Show students how to find the shared document in Google Drive by searching for it in the shared section.
  • Determine which group members will review the various resources or if resources assigned by the teacher communicate the assigned resources. Once students have completed their work, the group will discuss the key ideas for evaluating a website. Members who finish their assigned resources early may find additional resources to add to the research.
  • Students choose one of the two resources to evaluate under the “apply” section. They discuss the website evaluation as a group and record findings on the HyperDoc.
  • If time allows, groups can create a meme to represent their understanding.

Follow-up after the session

  • Based on students’ responses, you can adjust your Hyperdoc to address any misconceptions or gaps in understanding.
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