Preparation, what do before the session

  • Decide on the topic.
  • Go to mindmeister.com and log in or register to sign up.
  • Click New Mind Map on the top left. Chose a template called “Blank” and type your topic in the middle. Click on the + icon in the top middle to create a subtopic.
  • Change the text colour and background or add icons, images, and videos over the board on the right.
  • Before beginning the class, prepare Instructions on the topic – how they will create mind-mapping.

During session

  • Give clear instructions to students on how to brainstorm and connect mind-maps.
  • Ask the students to use the customisation options available in MindMeister to create a visually appealing and organised mind map. Add nodes, images, links, and notes to each node to create a comprehensive map.
  • Create an interactive and collaborative learning environment.
  • Guide students as they explore Mindmeister features, encouraging hands-on practice and experimentation.
  • Provide real-time support and address any questions or challenges that arise. Foster a culture of collaboration by facilitating group discussions, encouraging students to share their work and provide feedback to their peers.

Follow-up after the session

  • Once the mind map is complete, student and teacher can use it as a reference to stay organised and on-task. You can also use it to track progress, update deadlines, and share information with others.
  • Review and provide feedback on the mindmaps created.
  • Facilitate reflective discussions where students can share their experiences and insights gained.
Supportive Documents
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