• Create your Mindmup map: Create a new one in Mindmup and set up the structure and layout you need for your session. This may include adding topics, subtopics, and other elements you will use during the session.
  • Share the map: Once you have set it up, share it with the participants. You can do this by providing them a link or inviting them directly through Mindmup.
  • Test your equipment: Make sure that your equipment is working properly, including your microphone, camera, and internet connection. Test any external tools or apps you plan to use during the session.
  • Prepare your materials: Gather any materials or resources needed during the session, such as presentations, documents, or images. Upload these to Mindmup or have them ready to share with the participants.
  • Create an agenda: Create an agenda for the session, outlining the objectives, activities, and timeline. Share this with the participants in advance so they know what to expect and can come prepared.
  • Communicate with participants: Reach out to the participants in advance to confirm the time and date of the session and provide them with any additional information or instructions they may need.
  • Consider your facilitation approach: Think about how you will facilitate the session and engage the participants. Plan how you will introduce the activities, give instructions, and manage the time and discussions.
Supportive Documents
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