⦁ Formative Assessment: Socrative can quickly and easily assess student understanding of a topic during a class period or lesson. Teachers can use real-time feedback to modify their teaching style and provide additional support.
⦁ Engage Students: Socrative is a fun and interactive way to get students involved in their learning. Students can use their devices to answer questions and participate in group activities in the classroom, increasing motivation and participation.
⦁ Save Time: Using Socrative to create quizzes and assessments can save teachers time and reduce their workload. Socrative’s user-friendly platform enables teachers to create and distribute quizzes and assessments to students quickly, and it automatically grades the assessments, saving teachers valuable time.
⦁ Socrative’s analytics and reporting tools provide teachers valuable insights into student performance and comprehension. Teachers can use this data to inform their instruction, identify areas where students may require additional support, and adjust their teaching approach to meet their students’ needs better.

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