Preparation, what do before the session:
⦁ Define your project tasks or collaborative assignment
⦁ Go to
⦁ Click “Sign Up” and register for an account
⦁ Create a Board in Trello or select a template
⦁ Create a Team and add students
⦁ Create Lists in Trello in a Kanban view or it will be present in template
⦁ Create Cards in Trello – these cards are used to represent tasks or ideas
⦁ Assigning Cards to students, give details and due dates to cards etc.
⦁ Add Labels to cards

During application:
⦁ Introduce Trello’s features and provide real-world examples of its use in STEM-related projects.
⦁ Demonstrate best practices for using Trello efficiently and encourage collaboration among students.
⦁ Provide hands-on practice opportunities for students to experiment with different features and workflows, allowing them to gain confidence in using Trello for their projects.
⦁ Use the customisation options available in Trello to create visually appealing and organised project boards.
⦁ Discuss tasks with students, such as completion of assignment by ‘xxx’ date and assign details to the group.
⦁ Add cards, dates, images, links, and notes to each card with relevant information.
⦁ Integrate and automate Trello with other applications.
Follow-up about what to do after the session:
⦁ Once your project board is complete, use it as a reference to stay organised and on-task.
⦁ You can also track progress, update deadlines, and share information with students.

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