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Instructional Design

Students with Learning Barriers


The learning materials consist of 3 modules and 12 units, which provide learners with specific knowledge on instructional design and how to implement it in their courses.
The module contents are presented as downloadable PDF files as slides, starting with the learning outcomes and an informative section about each unit, ending with a unit review and some reflection questions for the self-assessment of the STEM HE teacher; additional resources are also given at the end of each unit. Some units also include some activities that provide guidance for the implementation of instructional technology in their courses. The toolkit includes the facilitating digital tools that the STEM HE teacher can use during STEM teaching activities. The teacher can filter and find the most relevant tool for the necessities of the classroom and the relevant teaching activity.

The toolkit includes 45 tools, from which the teacher can filter and select according to the size of their classroom; type of class either, theory-based, practice-based or both; the learning activity, individual or group; tool category, categorised as communication and motivation, critical and lateral thinking, problem-solving, assessment and evaluation; type of the activity, online classroom, collaborative team setting, self-work by students; length of the activity; and reference to the STEM areas that can be used, preparing/planning and designing of the courses, implementing the course or its evaluation.