• Gathering and organizing resources: Wakelet makes it simple for STEM educators to gather articles, videos, and other multimedia resources related to a specific topic or lesson. These resources can be organized into Wakelets an easily shared with students.
  • Wakelet’s collaboration features make it simple for students to collaborate on research projects or assignments. Students, for example, can add resources to a shared Wakelet, comment on one another’s work, and provide feedback.
  • Wakelet can be used to create customized reading lists for students. STEM educators can curate a collection of articles, videos, and other resources related to a specific topic, allowing students to delve deeper into the subject.
  • Displaying student work: Wakelet can display student work in STEM classes. Students, for example, can create Wakelets to showcase their research projects, experiments, or other assignments and share them with their peers or the larger community.
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