Before the session:

  • Create a clear plan for how you will use Conceptboard in your teaching and prepare any materials or resources that you will need.
  • Go to the website or app and create a Conceptboard with a title and description.
  • Customize the board’s settings, such as visibility and access permissions.
  • Think on projects or assignments to ask the students to work within the board.

During the application:

  • Provide clear instructions and guidelines for your students and encourage them to collaborate and share their ideas with each other.
  • You can start with a brainstorm within the board in teams. It introduces collaboration and communication.
  • Ask your students to create their project with visually supported brainstorming, find a common ground when searching for the right solution.

After the teaching session:

  • Review the board with your students and ask them to reflect on their learning and collaboration experience.
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