Preparation, what do before the session

  • Go to www.edpuzzle.com and click “get started”
  • Register for an account and join school
  • Create a ‘my class’ in Edpuzzle and reate a new class and add class in your course.
  • Ask students to sign up on edpuzzle and ask them to join your class.
  • Determine the specific learning objectives and decide on the interactive elements to be added, such as text, links, or embedded media.
  • Learn how to tailor a video to your class and assign it to your students through your account.
  • To assign the video to the class, click ‘Assign’. You can also share the video as an assignment. Moreover, you can also see how many students watched and completed the quiz.

During application, i.e. while giving the session

  • Ask the students to discover how to find the perfect content, upload their video, or create a screen recording.
  • For an Open class, copy and share the invite link with students via email or your learning management system. Ask them to click on the link, put in their name and click Join an open class.
  • Monitor students’ progress, offering guidance and suggestions for improvement.


Follow-up about what to do after the session

  • Review the video created and assess its effectiveness in meeting the learning objectives.
  • Gather feedback from students on their experience and engagement with the tool.
  • Reflect on any challenges or successes encountered during the session and consider how the video can be improved or refined for future use.
Supportive Documents
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