Preparation (Before the Session):

  • Define the purpose: Determine the specific objectives of using Padlet in your session. Clarify how you want to engage participants and what content or ideas you want them to contribute.
  • Create a Padlet board: Set up a Padlet board based on your objectives and session requirements. Choose an appropriate layout, customize the background, and add any initial prompts or instructions.
  • Familiarize yourself with Padlet features: Explore the features and options available within Padlet. This includes understanding how to add different types of content (text, images, videos, links) and utilizing features such as comments, likes, and sorting options.

During Application (During the Session):

  • Introduce Padlet to participants: Explain the purpose and benefits of using Padlet in the session. Provide instructions on how to access the Padlet board and any necessary login details or access codes.
  • Engage participants: Clearly communicate the task or topic for discussion. Encourage participants to actively contribute their ideas, thoughts, or content to the Padlet board.
  • Monitor and facilitate discussions: Regularly check the Padlet board during the session to monitor participant contributions. Respond to comments, provide feedback, and encourage further interaction among participants.
  • Encourage collaboration: Prompt participants to engage with each other’s posts by commenting, building upon ideas, or offering alternative perspectives. Encourage a supportive and constructive atmosphere for collaboration.

Follow-up (After the Session):

  • Review and summarize: After the session, review the content contributed on the Padlet board. Summarize key points, highlight notable ideas, or identify emerging themes.
  • Share the Padlet board: Depending on the nature of the session and participant preferences, you can share the Padlet board with participants for future reference or as a record of the session. Ensure privacy settings are appropriately configured.
  • Reflect and provide feedback: Evaluate the effectiveness of using Padlet in the session. Gather feedback from participants about their experience with the platform and any suggestions for improvement.
  • Utilize the content: Consider how the content generated on Padlet can be utilized further. Determine if the content can be integrated into other materials, shared with a wider audience, or serve as a resource for future discussions or projects.
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