In the learning space, the PhET Interactive Simulations project is primarily used to support science learning and instruction. The platform offers over 150 simulations covering topics such as forces and motion, electricitmagnetism, waves and sound, chemistry, biology, and more. Users can customize the simulations to explore different variables and scenarios, and many simulations come with accompanying worksheets, teacher guides, and other resources to support learning and instruction.

The platform provides interactive simulations and activities for students to explore scientific concepts and phenomena in a hands-on way, which can be used in a variety of educational settings, such as:

1) Classroom instruction: instructors can use PhET simulations to supplement traditional classroom instruction and to help students visualize and understand scientific concepts in a more interactive and engaging way;

2) Online learning: with the rise of online and hybrid learning, PhET simulations can be used to provide students with a hands-on learning experience, even when they are not able to attend in-person classes;

3) Homeschooling: homeschooling parents can use PhET simulations to support science learning at home, providing their children with a fun and interactive way to explore scientific concepts;

4) informal learning: PhET simulations can be used in museums, science centers, and other informal learning environments to engage visitors in science learning and exploration.

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