To use Rubistar, follow these steps:

  • Choose a rubric template: Rubistar offers a variety of rubric templates to choose from, including basic, holistic, and analytical rubrics. Choose the template that best fits the assignment, project, or exam you want to grade.
  • Customize the rubric: Modify the template to fit your specific needs by adding or deleting criteria, adjusting the scoring levels, or changing the weight of each component.
  • Assign the rubric: Use the customized rubric to grade student work. You can use it as a checklist to evaluate each component of the assignment, project, or exam, or you can use the rubric to assign a total score.
  • Provide feedback: Use the rubric to provide feedback to students on their work. Explain how their work meets or misses each criterion and provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Store and share the rubric: Rubistar allows you to save and share your rubrics with other teachers. This makes it easy to reuse the same rubric for similar assignments, projects, or exams in the future.
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