Here are some tips and tricks to consider while giving a Miro session:

  • Engage participants: Encourage participation and collaboration by asking questions, polling the audience, and using interactive elements like quizzes and mind maps.
  • Keep it visual: Use images, videos, and other visual aids to help explain complex concepts and keep the audience engaged.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts: Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate and edit your board, saving time and improving the flow of the session.
  • Encourage collaboration: Encourage collaboration and teamwork by allowing multiple users to access and edit the board and by assigning tasks and activities to participants.
  • Keep the session organised: Keep the session organized by using color coding, labels, and groupings to categorise and organize information.
  • Be flexible: Be prepared to adapt to unexpected changes or challenges during the session, and be flexible in your approach.
  • Make it interactive: Make the session interactive by encouraging participants to add their own sticky notes, comments, and feedback to the board.
  • Highlight key points: Highlight key points and important information by using annotations, callouts, and other visual aids.
  • Offer support: Offer support and assistance to participants who may need help navigating the board or understanding the content.
  • End with a summary: End the session with a summary of key takeaways and a review of the next steps, to reinforce the learning and keep the momentum going.
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